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 RP Character Tutorial

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PostSubject: RP Character Tutorial   Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:27 pm

Here, I'll teach you how to post your character.

First, you start with the name.

Name: Yumiiko

then you list their age and race

Age: 18

Race: Human

you may post their birthdate if you wish (note, your character does not always get involved in modern time RPs)

Birthdate: Feb. 17

and then their overall appearance and personality

Appearance: rather skinny, with a cat tail and cat ears, she wears a leather vest over a cloth shirt, also with denim jeans.

Height: 5:4

Weight: 107 lbs.

Personality: Clumsy, Terrible at Lying, and a tendency of changing moods.

then finally, their Biography. You do not have to make one.

Bio: After the Great War, Yumiiko head to a small town and tried to forget the horrors she had seen. Little did she know, it was not over, Yumiiko had changed after the battle, she would randomly change moods, she'll be happy, and then she'll feel the urge to harm, or otherwise kill someone. She had picked up an evil spirit, powerful, but unpredictable.

She spends her days on the road, avoiding getting close to anyone for the sake of keeping them safe.

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RP Character Tutorial
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