Here at Angel Fire we have a bunch of activities to keep anyone busy for a while, we have an RP section, a section for talk about everyday life and then a section for you're inner gamer.
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 "Roleplay HeadQuarters" forum Rules

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PostSubject: "Roleplay HeadQuarters" forum Rules   Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:08 pm

No Spamming:
Do not post ads or links to other sites without Admin's permission, do not post off topic.

No Flaming:
Do not insult other members, no matter how much you hate them.

No Godmodding:
Don't try to control other people's characters, it's unfair and it will make the RP hard to keep up with.

No Invincibilty:
Your character does NOT have invincibility, if he gets hit, bleed a little, give off a grunt, whatever makes the battle interesting.

If we have more, we'll add them later.

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"Roleplay HeadQuarters" forum Rules
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